IPLER workshops

We have defined annual workshop or symposium events as part of the IPLER program to bring together the IPLER stakeholders from the academic, commercial, and government areas to discuss topics such as (i) user problem definition and requirements including user operational requirements, (ii) recent research advances by the academic teams, and (iii) commercial provider capabilities and the barriers to acceptance of their products. Expected outcomes for each workshop includes plans for the next year’s research, requirements for new disaster management information tools, and reports on key findings resulting from team discussions on requirements, research, and capabilities.

The goals for these workshops can be summarized as:

  • to assess user needs at annual workshops, with the kick-off workshop at the core of this objective. Regular team meetings will be used to continually keep activities aligned to user needs. We will approach by collecting user inputs that are unbiased towards the
    proposed geospatial technologies.
  • to transfer technology transfer via the annual workshops
  • to use feedback from the annual workshop, team mini-workshops, and attendance at conferences to expand the focus to include a broader range of disasters, as directed by users.

Details of the workshops can be accessed at: